1st round results announcement

Dear Violists
It has been a great pleasure listening to all your fine video recordings of the first round for the Oscar Nedbal Viola Competition 2020.
The playing is on an amazingly high level with excellent instrumental control and artistic vision.  Thank you so much! You bring honor to the viola playing of today.
We would wish that all of you could go to the second round – you deserve that - but this is a competition and jury has had to make the very difficult decision only to let some of you go to the second round.
On behalf of the jury a great thank you to all of you fine young musicians.
Tim Frederiksen
Head of Jury
The Jury has selected 17 violists to the second round (in alphabetical order):
6. Jakub Čepický (Czech Republic)
7. Fiachra De Hora (Ireland)
8. Jakob Dingstad (Norway)
10. Raúl Fernando Domínguez Cortez (Mexico)
16. Serhiy Havrylyuk (Ukraine)
20. Joon Hurh (Great Britain)
26. Mark Liu (USA)
30. Kamil Berkay Olgun (Turkey)
31. Julia Palecka (Poland)
33. Denizsu Polat (Turkey)
35. Patryk Purzycki (Poland)
36. Matteo Rocchi (Italy)
38. Martina Santarone (Italy)
44. Rica Schultes (Germany)
46. Sào Soulez Larivière (France/Netherlands)
47. Samantha Souppaya (France)
48. Nicholas Algot Swensen (Denmark)