In the first round, the competitors presented themselves in a solo program approx. 15 minutes long. For the second round, where the violists played a sonata for viola and piano of their own choice (accompanied by official pianists of the competition - Martin Levický, Radim Pančocha, and Libuše Pančochová), as well as the Competition’s mandatory composition Romantic piece op. 18 by Oskar Nedbal for viola and piano, the jury chose 12 participants - Melissa Dattas (France), Nicolas Garrigues (France), MinGwan Kim (South Korea), Yizilin Liang (China), Amir Liberson (Israel), Daniel Macho (Czech Republic), Julia Palecka (Poland), Alva Rasmussen (Sweden), Evgeny Shchegolev (Russia), Jungahn Shin (South Korea), Otoha Tabata (Japan), Yuri Yoon (South Korea).

„The performances of the participants were excellent. It was not easy to choose only one winner. I would like to thank all the jury members for their rare artistic and human consensus,” says Kristina Fialová, herself a prominent Czech violist and the Competition’s foundress and Director.

In addition to Kristina Fialová, the jury included other renowned violists and teachers:

Tim Frederiksen (Denmark) - chairman of the jury, Stephanie Baer (USA), Jan Pěruška (Czech republic), Jensen Horn – Sin Lam (Austria), and Sheila Browne (USA/China).

The winner of the Competition was awarded, inter alia, a fine bow made by Luboš Odlas, and besides financial awards, all the laureates received prizes donated by companies like the Gewa Strings, Pirastro, Wittner or the Czech Musical Instruments.

Organizing the competition was made possible by financial support from: Magistrát hl. m. Prahy (The Municipality of Prague), Městská část Praha 1 (The City district Prague 1), Nadace Život umělce (The Life of the Artist Foundation), Nadace Český hudební fond (The Czech Music Foundation), Nadace Antonína Dvořáka (The Antonín Dvořák Foundation).

Complete results:

  • 1st prize          MinGwan KIM (South Korea)
  • 2nd prize         Yuri YOON (South Korea)
  • 3rd prize          Evgeny SHCHEGOLEV (Russia)
  • honorary mention  Yizilin LIANG (China), Alva Rasmussen (Sweden), Otoha Tabata (Japan)
  • Czech Music Fund Prize for the best Czech competitor     Daniel Macho (Czech Republic)
  • Antonín Dvořák Society Prize for the best interpretation of O. Nedbal piece     Alva Rasmussen (Sweden)
  • B. Martinů Foundation Prize for the best interpretation of the Sonata by B. Martinů Daniel Macho (Czech Republic)
  • Visegrad prize for the best competitior from Visegrad     Daniel Macho (Czech Republic)